Saved By Faith… Not By Works

In Romans chapter 10 it says:

“For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.”

In the old testament and before Jesus died on the cross, the Jews were saved through obeying the law given to them by God through Moses. This law is sometimes refered to as the Tora or as the levitical law. When someone broke this law they had to make sacrifices (usually mid sized animals) to atone for their sins to make right with God. God sent his son, Jesus, to be the final and last sacrifice that his people had to have. He was perfect and not sinful for he was one with God, which makes him the only one who could have been offered as a sacrifice on our part by grace.

So we no longer have to be saved through the law but now we are saved through believing in Christ. Believing that God raised him from the dead and confessing that he is lord. In other words we are not saved by our works but we are saved by his grace. Nothing that we can do can get us into heaven for no man comes to the father except through Jesus.


We need to be humble and know that it is not by anything that we did that we are saved but by the mighty hand of God. We can not boast for we did not save ourselves. We can not get into heaven any other way.

Gods Glory

We need to give God the glory and praise him for his steadfast love and mercy. For giving us salvation freely and without charge.


We need to believe and follow him.



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